Thursday, February 11, 2016

First Service

A galon of motorcycle costs about 10 dollars,  the sealers cost 5 dollars in total, the labor is about 100 dollars. Giving a total of 235 dollars for an oil change, and a tire pressure check.

When I heard all the prices, the first thing I thought was: Why would I spend almost 250 dollars for something that I can do myself on a weekend. So instead of leaving my bike at the shop for 2 hours, decided to go home and look up videos of how to change the oil, clean and lube the chain, check the clutch and brakes, and spot any possible problems.

After doing that, I took the risk and did everything by myself on the weekend. It was difficult to find all the screws and parts, but I wanted to learn and so I took my time and I did it.
It was very messy, I did not know how much oil the motorcycle could carry, so it got on my hands and on the ground. What takes a professional two hours to do the job, took me 3, and I did not have to pay 200 just for service.

After changing the oil successfully, I went for a ride at night, and I freaked out in the beginning because there was smoke coming out of my engine, so I pulled over to google about it, and it is completely normal for the engine to burn a little oil in the beginning since the filter, and the oil were new.
In the future, not only I plan on changing the oil myself, but everything that requires service.

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