Friday, February 19, 2016

Burn Marks

Motorcycle burn marks are the worst. In the beginning, they do not a lot, but after 20 minutes, they become red, painful, and sensitive.

A first degree burn is one that only affects the surface of the skin, but a second degree burn is the ones that create a bubble of liquid inside the skin that if it gets popped, it can get infected and worsen the conditions of the burn mark.
Motorcycle burns are common because the riders legs are usually positioned relatively close to the motorcycle exhaust, which becomes extremely hot when the engine of the bike is warmed up.
So far, I have gotten burned 3 times, the first one was a couple days after I got my motorcycle, it was not to bad, but it still hurt. The second burn mark was in december, which was he worst burn mark I've ever gotten; and the third burn mark was yesterday, which was not so bad.
The first and the third one hurt a lot when it happened but on the next day it was just there, there was no bubble, so it was a "minor" burn mark. To treat first degree burns, I put a special cream, and aloe vera to hydrate the burn mark, helping the healing process.
My second burn mark was tragic, it was the size of a small hand, bubbles were created and popped, the wound became infected and the healing process took over a month. After this burn mark, i became so aware of the situation that my leg never went close to the exhaust, until yesterday.


  1. This is really informing but that sucks. I got a first degree burn from a motorcycle do ik minds know how you feel. I hope your leg gets better

  2. Ouch that is terrible. I'll definitely stay clear of the exhaust pipes

  3. How informative. I knowna few people who got burned by the exhausts and it's not pretty.