Thursday, May 19, 2016

Last Post
This is the last post for now. The year is over. its done. it ended.
its been a long journey but i am glad we made it. each one of us are going on our own pathways in 8 days. graduation is soon, and it is a time to celebrate.
Mr. Panton will always be in our hearts.
A few years ago, the Dyna range added the raw and ready Street Bob to its naked ranks and it became an instant classic.
The bobber has since been slightly restyled and, ahem, modernised with the ignition moved from the side to the centre console which is also more practical.
 It still features the mini ape hanger handlebars, chopped rear fender, rubber-mounted engine and black laced wheels.
But it also has a re-designed solo seat that is a bit harder, a new streamlined taillight assembly, more gloss blacked-out bits and the triple clamps are now separated into two parts. This make it easier to swap handlebars for even more customisation.
There is also a new Hard Candy Big Red Flake paint option.
The Street Bob might seem a little cramped in the rider position than many Harleys with its mid-controls but it is an “involved” ride that makes the pilot feel more connected with the machinery.
Those mid-controls also mean the linkage for the gearshifter is shorter which makes it less clunky and more positive.