Friday, January 29, 2016

Choosing my motorcycle

Choosing my motorcycle

Choosing a motorcycle was the second challenge that I encountered.

Like to cars, there are many types of motorcycles that serve for different purposes. The so-called Enduros, or dual-sport are dirt motorcycles with street tires, the cruisers are the famous Harley Davidson's, the street motorcycles are reliable, but not as strong - And. there are the Super Sports.

After months of research about the different types, I was not sure about which one to choose. I kind of wanted the enduro to go on dirt trails, but i also wanted a super-sport to go on the racing tracks. I came to a conclusion after my motorcycle instructor suggested the sport motorcycles, which for me, are the best choice.

I did not want to buy a used motorcycle, so I went to the dealership, and I walked out with my brand new CBR 300R. Every motorcycle is different, so in the beginning, it was hard to get used to the friction zone and the throttle sensitivity.

Most of the people I asked about motorcycles said: No! Do not get a 300cc because you will get bored quickly. 

That is true, I am already bored of my motorcycle because it is not as fast and the Super-sports; but in the other hand, I am glad that I chose that one because it is good to get something light and not that powerful as a first bike.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Getting the license

Welcome to my blog!

Here, you will be reading about my experiences I have had riding on the streets, and the challenges I encounter on a daily basis. 

To start off, this is a little introduction about me, my name is Mark Schwarcz and I ride a Honda CBR 300R as my main method of transportation, my passion for motorcycles came about 2 months ago, and since then, I've had ups and downs.

My first topic is going to be about getting the motorcycle endorsement. A two-day course for people with no experience at all. At the beginning I said to myself: How can someone learn to ride a motorcycle in just two days. However, on the first day of the class, as the hours passed I realized that it was the easiest thing for someone with bicycle experience. The first day passed, and I nailed it.

On the second day, it was pouring; the visibility was terrible, and the floor was slippery. Conditions that are expected for a normal day in Florida. Techniques like swerving, hard stopping, and even going thought obstacles were taught, and once again, super easy for me.

When getting a motorcycle license, a person must pass two rigorous tests; a riding one, which the moderators observe one`s riding skills, and a written test, which is about safety, riding gear, and riding techniques. 

After I received my scores of 100% on both tests, I went to the DMV on the following day to renew my driver’s license.