Sunday, April 3, 2016

Harley Davidson XL883N Iron 883

             This will be my second motorcycle for sure. After riding with Harley people i fell in love and decided to do a test drive on one of the big bikes. the difference between a motorcycle like this and a sport motorcycle like mine is the seating position that changes the most. On a cruiser, the rider is much more comfortable, while on a sport one, the rider sits closer to the gas tank, making it more aerodynamic.
The difference in power is another big difference, a harley like this has almost 900cc, compared to the one i have which has only 300cc meaning it can cruise with more comfort at high speeds. The first gear on the harley probably goes op to 50mph, while on my bike it goes up to 25.

Another thing i noticed from the test drive is the weight difference. A Harley Davidson is made out of iron, making it extremely heavy. My CBR300r is made out of iron and the frame is made out of plastic, meaning that it is better for turing and moving around.


  1. This Harley bike looks sick but I think I prefer your current bike. Even though this car Has more power, I still like the lighter bike more.